Hi, I'm Ben, I write YA fiction and also work as a ghostwriter and copywriter.

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Slay Your Dragons With Compasison cover
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“Ben Craib is a master craftsman. I could not have written my book without him. He makes intelligent enquiries and captures my voice on the page brilliantly. I highly recommend him."Malcolm Stern, Therapist, TV Presenter, and CoFounder/Director of Alternatives."Ben has got the patience of a saint, the eye of an eagle, the memory of an elephant, all of which were vital in getting my ebook out of me. His work enabled me to launch my ebook on International Men's Day and gain Amazon No. 1 status in 7 different categories."Kenny "The Man Whisperer" Marmarella-D'Cruz

I love telling stories and helping others tell theirs.

People come to me when they have an idea for a book, but for whatever reason, are struggling to write it by themselves. My job is to tune into exactly where they are in their writing process and offer the service that is right for them.As a ghost-writer I often work with sensitive material and very personal stories, creating an open supportive space for my clients speak their truth, and bringing it alive on the page.I also work with many clients in the Mind, Body & Spirit worlds, working in the self-help genre.I talk to my client over a series of interviews, and shape and structure our conversations into the book in their head, in their voice, just how they imagined.I also offer: manuscript assessment and feedback, a developmental/structural and writing mentoring.


I write fiction and I’m rep'd by Rupert Crew.I’m a published ghostwriter and copywriter with digital marketing and content creation experience across Body, Mind and Spirit publishing and Education & Training sectors.I spent many years in theatre, creating, devising and directing plays with and for young people, working all over London.I was born in Colchester and grew up in London, and now live in Brighton with my partner and son.


I am available to visit schools and have 9 years' teaching experience as a drama facilitator including teaching scriptwriting, for theatres all over London.I can support your students create a piece of creative writing, from conception to completion, offering constructive feedback and encouragement.My style is fun, active, supportive, and inspirational and I can express complex writing topics in clear, simple, easily undestandable language.All my workshops are bespoke and be tailored to your needs. I can offer, for KS 4 and above:— Love is the Answer themed creative writing workshops, based on the themes of grief, first love, one-offs or term length.— An interactive presentation, with Powerpoint, on my publication journey and the reality of being a writer.

“It was great for the students to learn about the process of writing a novel and getting it published; also they really enjoyed the writing tasks."Events Co-ordinator, sixth form college, Brighton*


Whether you're a reader, have a writing project you are looking for support with, or simply fancy getting in touch, feel free to drop me a line at contact [at] bencraib.com

Love Is The Answer tells the story of grieving seventeen-year-old Scarlett who falls in love with a young ectsacy dealer and DJ and embraces his lifestyle of raves, pills and underground parties. Together they're like two wires completing an electrical circuit - with him she's lit up, happy and whole - away from him dead. But when he brutally betrays her she is forced to confront the toxic river of anger they've both been trying so hard to avoid.
Out now! All publisher royalties donated to Mind charity.
Publisher : SpellBound Books (7 May 2022)
Print length : 296 pages


"Ben Craib is a master of characterisation... It is the novel that has persuaded me never to pass by the YA sections in my local bookshop in future. There may well be other masterpieces hiding there! And I look forward with impatience to reading Ben Craib’s next book." Christina James, crime wrriter


"Congratulations Ben on a huge success and I would like to welcome you to my favourite male author list 🥂 I am off to add all your past books to my wish list and I'm looking forward to your future ones too 😊" Kirsty Whitlock, reviewer


"This book had me crying and I mean ugly crying. I was so moved by this book, I haven’t felt like this about a book in a while. The plot, the characters and the way everything is written just adds to the emotional aspect of this book. There is just so much in this book, everyone needs to read this book." Nikki's Reading Library


"Wow, what a hard hitting, emotional roller coaster of a book. It certainly tugs at your heart strings, and if you’re anything like me, will leave you in an emotional mess." Robynne_reads


"This is a beautifully written story about a young woman who is lost in the aftermath of her mother's death. The tumult of grief is added to the usual turbulence of adolescence and the abiding themes of identity and belonging. Ben Craib handles a storyline about the perils of drugs with great skill and sensitivity. He shows his reader how certain choices have dire consequences but he avoids the banality of delivering a simple moral message and the work is all the more powerful for that reason. The writing depicts the pleasures and perils of growing up, of first love, of friendship, and the diversity and brilliance of London with great skill. A very moving and well crafted novel from a writer who deserves attention." Amazon Review


"What makes this book special is the timeframe, you get a feeling for the before, one year later, 12 days later, 9 days later, 3 weeks later, 2 months later, 2 weeks later then 9 and 12 days later. Memories of my teen years came posing back and I found myself relating to Scarlett so much. This book has really captured my attention because I work a lot with MIND and have personally had my own experience with them. You really don’t realise all the ways you can deal with tragedy and loss until it happens.
For everything that pulls on your heart strings it’s written with a way that allows you to emotionally connect and experience the same depths as Scarlett. For a quick paced read you honestly feel like your reading about someone you know. Even though there might be a few trigger warnings to make people aware of it does make the perfect read for young adults who may be going through these experiences currently. It’s not all doom and gloom and there’s some really remarkable moments and relationships that grow in this book. There are moments that truly make you smile and there are moments that are hard to read. For me this makes it the perfect read.
This is the sort of book that people need to read and realise. I think it’s the perfect read for adults who have children the same age as Scarlett. It really does get you thinking deep about loss and troubles. I absolutely adored this book and cannot wait to see what else the author writes. I’ve truly reflected on my own troubled youth and it makes me proud to know how far I’ve come. This book was truly inspirational and relatable"


"A touching and affecting story about a teenager on the cusp of adulthood dealing with grief, the complexity of teenage friendships and passion. The reader feels all the angst of being a teenager, the intensity of first love, internal conflict between head, heart (and A levels!) as Scarlett takes us with her on her journey. Very powerful - a must read!" Amazon Review


"This was a rollercoaster of emotions! As we follow Scarlett's story, I found myself almost shouting out to her to stop. At times she reminded me of myself - I find it so hard to accept help least of all ask for it. Scarlett has lost her mum and has her A levels to do, with all the pressure and life changes coming her way, she reaches out to someone who reaches for her and this sets in motion a series of events which have many highs and lows for her.
I have a daughter myself and it just reminded me how tough growing up is, how will I deal with it as a parent when she is a teen I do not know!"